Hungary's largest tourism investment which also could be the world's biggest adventure park.

According to plans the more than one million square-meter facility could have 100-150 m high ceiling at places which can give home to the world's largest slide and diving tower as well.
The project designer guarantees genuine Mediterranean atmosphere to guests every day of the year.
The facility is designed to simultaneously accommodate 15,000 guests with a staff of 1800 that promises carefree relaxation for water lovers.
The giga park's NON STOP operation is ensured with today's high-tech developments in energy efficient engineering, water management, and security technology as well.
The AQUATIC Kingdom offers its visitors relaxation, sport, entertainment or recreation in addition to a unique culinary experience in one facility.
In addition to individual visitors we pay close attention to families so that everyone can find the aquatic experience they looking for.
The facility was designed with a primary aspect of being accessible for disabled individuals. Therefore, with few exceptions, almost all units are available for disabled. For example every pool is accessible for individals forced into wheelchair.
Also a 8500 bed hotel is planed in the facility.

Here are some of the main attractions: (not an exhaustive list)

  • The best medicinal waters of the Carpathian base can be tested in a Jacuzzi
  • Practicing swimming pools, for students, education
  • Water ski and surfing tracks
  • The most special slides of the world
  • bungee jumping
  • 140 x 4-meter glass tube with sea water for freediving
  • Skating rink
  • Cave bath
  • Cliff diving area
  • Waterfalls
  • Aqua park with mangrove swamps atmosphere
  • Aqua gym pools with special sport equipment
  • Training tracks for canoeing and rowing
  • Sandy beaches and restaurants
  • Palm groves
  • Saunas, ice baths
  • Water circus
  • Freshwater mega-aquarium section
  • Isolated dog bathing area and daycare

All this carried out with high-tech, environmentally friendly engineering and energy system.

The completely covered - sometimes 100-150 meters high - facility will have its own microclimate, which makes it possible for the guests to spend the whole day in swimming suit even on December 31, trying out all the water connected fun or adventure programs.

The estimated budget of the investment is 2.7 billion euro. This project will also help the development plans of the involved municipalities (town wide free Wi-Fi, modern electrical local bus services etc.)

According to the designer the inspiration for the project came from the thirteen times smaller Tropical Islands complex near Berlin.

The reference to this new complex would be the architecture of the Eden Project in Cornwall, England. 


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"Well, we need to be better than these places if we want to attract guests and invite the world to us for a little splash." - Peter Gulyas, Project Owner

Our job is not more than that. This project aims this target.


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